During the installation of a work in Kingerby Church, I was struck by elements in the place which raised questions around the matter of worship and the need to ascribe numinous or sacred characteristics to certain events or phenomena, usually unexplained or difficult to understand. I thought this was particularly pertinent in the light of where I found myself - in a redundant church. It made me think about the nature of faith and how beliefs change over time.

Ex Machina is a spontaneous response to these notions. I used what was at hand to create a fictional scenario centered around an apparently unexplained event with the bowl. The wordless chanting a manifestation of the failure of words in the light of the unexplained or difficult to understand. However, it becomes a comment on deceit where the cause is known and secreted away.reminding me of Dante's eighth circle of hell, one of the deepest and darkest of all nine.

It makes me think of the maxime that cannot change someone's mind using logic and reason alone. So true in a world where belief can still fly in the face of evidence and reason.